Rink Street, Off Mauldeth Road (Down side of Co-op), Withington/Ladybarn, M14 6SR. 
Wednesday 11-6, Thurs 6-9pm, Fri 11-3,  Sat 11-3.

We use only the purest, organic, cold-pressed oils, butters, waxes and essential oils in our products. 
No Parabens, Alcohol, EDTA, DEA, Artifical Fragrance,
Mineral Oils, Foaming agents etc. 
All our products are tested on humans, never animals!
We are eco, have ethically sourced, organic ingredients, use recycled and recyclable packaging, support Fairtrade projects and NEVER use suppliers who support animal testing. 
Special Offers

Shop opening times:

Wed 11-6
Thurs 6-9pm 
Fri 11-3pm
Sat 11-3pm.

Welcome to Sunnah Skincare (inc Sunnah Skincare Men)!

We are a small, local business based in Manchester, set up and run by local women. 

Our aims in setting up this business were:
  • To earn an income whilst offering an excellent quality product
  • To raise awareness of the dangers of many of the ingredients in today’s cosmetics and baby products
  • To raise awareness of the charities that we as a business support
  • To offer a range of excellent quality products made using the finest organic, halal, and fair trade (where applicable) ingredients that we can source

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