About Us

We are a small, local business based in Manchester, set up and run by local women looking to earn an honest income and offer an excellent quality product at a fair price. Our aims in setting up this business were:

Our founder and product formulator is qualified in the following fields:
Advanced diplomas in Aromatherapy, Herbalism, Organic skincare, Higher International Diploma in Holistic Medicine inc Herbalism and Aromatherapy, which means that our products are developed using the  most up to date  modern medical knowledge as well more traditional therapies and disciplines.

We are also members of the Guild of Craft Soap & Toiletry Makers.


Why Sunnah?

Why Sunnah you might ask. Sunnah is a Persian word which can be loosley translated as 'way of life'. Our skincare should be part of our way of life and we should take as much care over it as we do over where we source our food and how it is grown or reared. We should care about everyone involved in the production of all our raw materials, the environmental impact of the crop we use, the harvesting methods and production process. We should have the option to purchase good quality skinceare that hasn't been 'tainted' by the pesticides, chemical fertilisers, alcoholic solvents and other nasties used to grow and harvest our raw materials.

Sunnah Skincare use only the best ingredients in our products that we can source, regardless of cost. This means that our profit margins are small but we hope that in doing so our products are accessible to as many people and their families as possible.

We hope to trade as fairly, responsibly and ethically as possible.

Our Ethics:

Our Packaging and Processes

Our packaging may not at first seem the most environmentally friendly choice but we had strict criteria that our packaging had to meet and the glass that we have sourced was the only material to meet all our strict criteria:

All our processes are carried out by hand, primarily using glassware. No plastic or aluminium containers or equipment is used at any point during the making of our products. All products are freshly made in small batches every few weeks to ensure rigorous quality control and freshness of the active ingredients in our products.

* We do package our coconut oil, shea butter and cocoa butter in PP which is easier to recycle and uses less energy to do so than it takes to make a more 'eco' packaging. It is also manufactured in such a way as to not leach into the oil inside it. We will be using recycled PP once it becomes available. 


Our Labelling

Whilst we would like to keep things as simple as possible so you can read a label and not think you’re looking at a foreign language, we have to abide by E.U. regulations, which states that all ingredients must be listed by their INCI name which is usually much longer and more Latin sounding than the English name. For example Lavender Oil must be listed as Lavendula augustifolia and Olive Oil must be listed as Olea europea so please don’t look at our ingredients label and think we have said one thing on our website and then put a whole load of ingredients on the label that you have never heard of. Also when using essential oils, some of the major compounds within the actual oil must also be listed separately on the label such as for lavender oil, linalool which is a compound within the oil must also be listed so our ingredients list for a product with say 4 or 5 ingredients, could actually have 7 or 8 things listed on the label. We have tried to keep things as simple as possible if you have any queries please do contact us and we will happily help/advise.