Frequently Asked Questions

Why is organic Skincare better than non Organic?
Organic means no chemicals, no synthetic fertilizers, no pesticides and nothing other than naturally grown and harvested raw materials. Why when you have a choice would you choose to bombard your skin with these toxic ingredients? Our skin has enough to contend with everyday with traffic and other pollution, toxins from household cleaners, central heating, artificial fibres and plastics. . . .  the list is endless. If you can make what you put on your skin as natural as possible along with a more natural diet you will soon see the result.
Scary Skin Fact: We ingest up to 5lb a year from our skincare and cosmetics! Make sure that the 5lb your skin is eating is all good, natural oils and butters.


Why should skincare be halal?
To say our products are halal means they don’t contain alcohol, which is very drying for the skin and makes many of the toxic additives in everyday skincare penetrate much deeper through the skin, they don’t contain animal ingredients and is not tested on animals. This is something we should all be passionate about, whether Muslim or not. As soon as you see the word halal it should make you feel reassured that you are getting a great product with ethics.

Why don’t you make a ‘traditional’ white face cream?
‘Traditional’ white face creams, sold by most skincare manufacturers are approximately 90% water, a little oil, some artificial colour and fragrance and the rest are chemicals added to keep it looking and smelling nice and to stop bacteria and mould growing in the product. So, 90% of the price you pay is actually for tap water! With all our face serums and balms you are getting 100% oils, essential oils and butters, no water, no additives, no chemicals, no artificial colours or fragrance. 100% of what you’re paying for will work for your skin and has a skin benefit(s).
Also as ‘traditional’ creams have such a high water content, they are required by law to contain a chemical preservative and we have pledged to never use chemicals in any of our products. There are currently no known natural organic preservatives known to man so it’s our way or no way!
Scary Skin Fact:  In excess of 60% of face cream ingredients get absorbed into our bodies!


Why are only some of your products suitable for vegans?
None of our products contain any animal ingredients, making them ALL suitable for vegetarians but as vegans are not allowed products derived from animals, those products which contain milk, beeswax or honey are therefore not suitable for vegans.