What are free recipes?

They're our own personal, tried and tested, recipes for products we make for ourselves that for one reason or another we are not going to be selling on here. You can follow the recipe and make your own products and we even stock all the raw materials in case you don't have a readily available supply of quality ingredients.

We shall build on this page as we go along and will also be taking requests - so if there's anything specific you'd like us to add just get in touch. 

Do you have a favourite bar of soap that you wish would last longer or was available in a liquid version? Here's how to turn your bar of solid soap into approx 1-2 litres of liquid soap.

Finely grate the soap bar (if soft put in fridge to harden first), add to a pan of boiling water (bottled, spring or filtered). Quantity of water depends on hardenss of water and what consistency you like your soap. Start off with approx 1 litre of water and add more if needed. Stir the soap until it dissolves and add approx 100 ml of vegetable glycerin. Keep stirring until the mixture starts to thicken. Add more glycerin for a thicker consistency or more water if too thick. Allow to cool then add to your dispensers. You can also add essential oils at this stage. Tea tree for nit shampoo, citrus oils  like lemon and sweet orange for an antibacterial hand wash, lavender and rosemary for shampoo etc. If you add to a foaming dispenser you can dilute your liquid soap in the ration of 1:3 soap:water as the foamer adds air and your soap will go much further in one of these dispensers. 


Take a few tablespoons of fine Himalayan Salt, mix in 1/2 a tablsepoon of oil (olive, coconut etc), add a couple of drops of essential oil (Lavender is a good all purpose oil, tea tree if using on feet, geranium for face) and gently scrub. Rinse and pat dry without removingn all the oils from your skin and this will leave a light layer of oils behind to leave your skin feeling smooth, fresh and moisturised. 



Many essential oils act as insect repellent, but the simplest and most versatile to use, even for children, is lavender essential oil. We recently went away on holiday and were surrounded by midges. A little lavender essential oil mixed into coconut oil worked wonders. You can also add a couple of drops of tea tree oil as well. Alternatively, add the essential oils to a spray bottle, top up with water and spray (shake well to disperse oils before each use).



This is an ancient technique involving 'swishing' oil round the mouth for a period of time (at least 5-10 mins) and them spitting out. Many oils can be used but coconut oil is considered the best followed by olive oil. The oil bins toxins in the mouth which would otherwise be swallowed, especially after a night's sleep when bacteria have been multiplying all night. Avoid spitting coconut oil down the sink as it will solidify and clog so spit down the toilet. Also it is more pallatable to melt the coconut oil first as a lump of oil can make some people gag. Just place a tablespoon between your teeth and cheek and keep it there until it melts, then start swishing!



Why? Well, it's widely accepted that fluoride is not good for us on a daily basis and in the quantities found in toothpaste. As the main ingredient is coconut oil, which has a multitude of health benefits, it makes sense to multi-task and use it for as many products as possible. That way you save money and get plenty of it into your diet and lifestyle. If you don't yet know the benefits of coconut oil just have a quick look on the internet and the uses and benefits of it and you'll never cook with anything else again!

3 tbsp coconut oil
3 tbsp bicarbonate of soda
approx 5 drops of peppermint essential oil (can be increased to taste but for young children keep it to 5 drops)

That's it! Just mix them all together, put into a clean glass jam jar or similar and dip your toothbrush in twice daily. May go a little hard in winter and a little soft in summer but it doesn't affect the efficiency.

If you prefer a sweeter taste you can add a teaspoon of stevia sweetener but don't use artifical sweeteners like aspartame, saccharin etc.

Coconut oil is also great used for oil pulling. Another one to 'Google' if you're not familiar with it. This has far-reaching benefits, not just for your mouth but also your whole body. 



Why? Well because most sunscreen have chemical sunscreens in which are not good for our skin and health and certainly not good for our children and baby's skin. They have many ingredients in which are on the 'to avoid' list and which have been implicated in a whole list of medical conditions and also because suncream is usually pretty expensive.

This one is really simple. Take a teaspoon of non-nano zinc oxide powder and add to whatever you currently use on your face and body or on your children's face and body. That's it.

Zinc oxide provides a physical screen to UVA and UVB rays and generally provides an SPF of approx 30 if sufficient is used. It can be rubbed in to reduce the 'white' look that it gives. Perfectly safe and non toxic, it is not absorbed by the skin, it merely sits on the top and prevents the sun's rays from reaching the skin.

Having said that we do tend to be a little over-zealous in our use of sunscreen due to the increasing risk of skin cancer BUT, in countries with high rates of skin cancer caused from sunbathing, they have much lower rates of certain other cancers because of the Vitamin D produced in the body by the action of sunlight and also certain other processes. It is also believed, that whilst nobody argues excessive sun exposure is not good, a lot of cases of skin cancer are not helped by poor diet, smoking, bad lifestyle choices etc. It's about balancing some sun exposure for the benefits it brings along with a good diet and lifestyle.




Tea tree essential oil and clove essential oil are excellent for treating fungal infections. To make the simplest athlete's foot treatment mix a couple of drops of tea tree essential oil with a tablespoon of coconut oil and apply twice daily. Keep feet clean and dry and use cotton socks.