It brought tears to my eyes listening to the explanation of how they run their business, about being conscious from where their raw materials are obtained and where thier profits go.  I'm overwhelmed with the sisters words. 

Sister N, Oldham.

A message to say the Wonderbalm is the best thing I have ever used Wallahi! I've had dry skin on my nose for about 4 months and used literally everything - don't even know how much i've spent on creams that pretend they actually do what they're supposed to do. Thanks so much - I love it!

Naimah, Manchester

Thank you for your wonderful wonderbalm! its truly amazing! I wanted to use it on my dry cheeks but in a few days time it has ended up being my everyday moisturizer! two thumbs up for it!

 Maria, Manchester


 I really enjoyed chatting with you about all of your products today. I tried the samples of the products given to me and I have to say they are all lovely. I love the innovative yet simple packaging and can't wait to try all of the finished products and see the final labeling. The prices are also great and all of the products are very affordable, even though they are all organic and fairly traded. All of your hard work has really paid off, as the products smell, feel and look great! I would really recommend the Sunnah Skincare brand as you are getting high end products using only the best quality ingredients from sisters you can trust and for very good prices. Thank you! xX

Sister J, Manchester.

 Starflower oil amazing! I have had a bruise-like mark and rash on my back for two years and it itches all the time until I put on some starflower oil, it really works and I am finally itch free. 

Janet, Wythenshawe.