Our Packaging and Processes

Our packaging may not at first seem the most environmentally friendly choice but we had strict criteria that our packaging had to meet and the glass that we have sourced was the only material to meet all our strict criteria:

Our soap are wrapped either in paper or in biofilm (true cellophane made from cellulose and totally biodegradable). There is also an option ot have them naked - without any packaging at all. 

Our orders are dispatched in cardboard boxes or green Jiffy bags. We don't buy anything else but re-purpose packing peanuts and bubble wrap that we have received from local group to re-use or in orders we ourselves have received from suppliers. Most packing peanuts we re-use are made from cornstarch and degrade as soon as they get wet. We do sometimes use non-cornstarch ones if we have received them from a supplier in our order, but we do lobby our suppliers to switch to a more environmentally-friendly alternative.  The bubblewrap we re-use is often 'green' biodegradable bubble wrap. 

We are looking at more recycled or zero waste packaging alternatives for the few products that we currently package in plastic. All of these products are available with reduced price refills for those customers who live near us or can visit us at our events to encourage the re-using of te plastic tubs/bottles, rather than putting them into the recycling bin! 

All our processes are carried out by hand, primarily using glassware. No plastic or aluminium containers or equipment is used at any point during the making of our products. All products are freshly made in small batches every few weeks to ensure rigorous quality control and freshness of the active ingredients in our products.

* We do package our coconut oil, shea butter and cocoa butter in PP which is easier to recycle and uses less energy to do so than it takes to make a more 'eco' packaging. It is also manufactured in such a way as to not leach into the oil inside it. We will be using recycled PP once it becomes available.